About Us

Newborn Hope, Inc. Newborn Hope provides resources for Colorado babies and families impacted by prematurity.  Newborn Hope has raised more than 5 million dollars since 1973.

Our History

The first benefit luncheons (“November Noel”) held in Colorado Springs and Denver were launched by Zoya Dickins Miller in 1973 in memory of a premature baby with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). The monies raised were used for RDS research. Fourteen years later, Newborn Hope was incorporated as a nonprofit organization, with the change in name reflecting the broader mission.

Our Achievements

  • Raising over $5 million to support at-risk mother and infant programs
  • Receiving the White House Points of Light Award in 1992
  • Creating and distributing Carrying to Term: Preventing Premature Birth & Low-birthweight Babies
  • Developing a Volunteer Task Force to assist hospitalized babies now coordinated by Children’s Hospital Colorado at Memorial Hospital Central, Colorado Springs
  • Creating the Bedrest Task Force to assist moms at risk for early delivery now coordinated by community volunteers at The Birth Center at St. Francis Medical Center and Children’s Hospital Colorado at Memorial Hospital Central, Colorado Springs
  • Being recognized by El Pomar Award in 2001 and 2003 for our achievements